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Dear Sonthangale,

Though we live in different parts of the World, we are one and we have concerns for everyone. As the entire world is passing through crucial extraordinary situation due to the spread of Covid-19, we extend our helping hands and communicate some authenticated precautions and remedies to our people.

  • Symptoms of Covid – 19 from Day one (put the video)
  • Precautions (put the screen shot)
  • Certain Conventional but effective /proven medicine (kindly listen the Audio – for cure of Corona Virus)
  • To increase our immune power, please take Lemon + Hot water every day (Take a lemon, cut into four pieces and place it is a Glass Tumbler. Pour warm water on it- Crush the lemon with a spoon. Then drink it)
  • Take a spoon of pure –organic Turmeric powder. Stir it well in Half Tumbler water or place two teaspoons of Turmeric powder + pour water and boil it. After the heat subsides, sprinkle freshly powdered pepper over it and drink it every day morning before food
  • Keep your throat always wet by continuously or frequently sipping Hot water

If anyone needs any item mentioned or even any other provision to prevent contain Covid 19, please mail to info@globalkongu.com Any specific help, kindly mail us – with an authentication/proof of our community.

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